Preet Singh - Managing Director (LREA) (International)
Young and vibrant with an enthusiastic approach to real estate, Preet is exceptionally knowledgeable in all things business. He is accustomed to leading the ways and values of Capital Wise Property Group’s benchmark of quality, professionalism and unwavering commitment to providing the highest possible level of service.

Preet has a strong sense of business with over 5 years experience in selling and negotiating in both property sales and management. With a Bachelor's degree in Commerce (Accounting) and an in-depth understanding of the Australian and global  real estate markets, his unique knowledge ensures his clients receive the most sophisticated and successful approach to selling property in today's market place.

A focused individual with an affable personality and detailed knowledge of market                                              statistics, he consistently attracts quality client referrals and is setting the benchmark                                        for a long and flourishing career in property in both Australia and Asia alike. 

Kulwant Singh- Director of Sales (LREA)
Kulwant is a passionate sales force with over 20 years experience in real estate sales and project marketing. His experience and global understanding of consumer behaviours has allowed him the freedom to provide astute advice to clients buying or selling properties. Being able to execute effective marketing campaigns and providing honest, frank advice about current market trends, consistency in negotiations has given Kulwant a clear edge when it comes to achieving outstanding results. 
Having resided in Hills District with his wife and two children, Kulwant is passionate about a strong sense of community. His innate understanding of the local market provides a concrete basis for his already finely tuned negotiation skills. For a service experience that gets results, Kulwant Singh is an excellent choice.

Navreet Kaur - Project and Sales Manager (LREA)
Passionate about real estate, Navreet is energetic, dedicated and hard working. Navreet is highly efficient and is known for her attention to detail and six star customer service. Navreet is committed to providing both landlords and tenants with customer service of the highest standard.

Navreet's number one priority is to build relationships based on trust and respect. Always keeping her landlords best interests at heart, she strives to ensure every property is as well looked after as possible. Navreet believes in regular contact with all her clients to ensure they are kept up to date and informed.

As a dedicated, hardworking property management professional, Navreet will ensure                                          your investment(s) get the care and commitment deserved.

Janelle Rondario RuizReal Estate Representative (LREA)
Janelle is smiling face of Capital Wise Property Group. Janelle has a friendly personality and strives to provide superior customer service and can assist you with all of your queries. She possesses an exceptional work ethic, a high motivation to succeed and a determination to get the job done right the first time.

Janelle's role is to assist the property management and sales department with the day to day roles and responsible to keep appointments, open houses, routine inspection, property advertising and assists buyers to find suitable properties, on behalf of the agency.

Janelle is a very enthusiastic and a cheerful person who is happy to help you with any                                        of your enquiries.

Geoffrey Leighton Farrell - Senior Sales Executive (Sydney)
Geoffry's passion and experience in real estate is second to none. With many years of experience in the property industry, both residential and commercial, marketing and sales Geoffry is a valuable key member of the team at Capital Wise.

A charismatic person who's willingness to work with clients in the most difficult circumstances, great team leadership skills coupled with ability to always provide a helping hand to colleagues and staff, Geoffry has helped grow the Capital Wise brand to what it is today.  
Krishna Mohan Singh - Sales Executive (Sydney)
Navneet Singh - Sales Executive (Sydney)
Puneet Singh - Sales Executive (Sydney)
 Manjit Gill - Director Of Sales (India)
John Singh - Senior Sales Executive (India)